Monday, January 4, 2010

Dear Big Boi

2010 future is now
Boys do you understand?
Re: I luh GEORRGIA that is my home

Love how big boi is god
can pretty much do anything be friends with anyone
and what hes doing in atlanta is basically walking around in some jeans and its wet outside sort of spitsweatting not raining
hanging out with rlly awsum rupaul white boys under some overpass at some diesel station
doing nothing smoking cigarettes sharin ellos
and also citing serious thinker pics of gucci
lookin at gucci on the internet cause he in jail
buyin toe socks js cruisin live from nu walmart
where your'e at
goin home to your family yur momma and yur kids
the smoothest
the dungeon family chain

east point college park decatur
this man been around for uhhhwhiiil
for yall with yall yes
lets go get some video games.